Water for the Elephants

8:28 AM

My Ravelry project page

I finished my latest pair of socks last week and I am in love.  I used madelinetosh sock in the fawn (white) and mourning dove (blue) colorways.  I absolutely fell in love with the MD as soon as I cast on.  It has such depth and the subtle tones work well in the pattern.

The scroll work is gorgeous on its own, but the elephants sell the pattern.  The are too cute to pass up.  I think that's why I dove right into them after finishing my Rose socks.

This is the best I can do at the moment for the elephants, I am finding it a little tough to take a picture of the outside of my own leg.  

I would like to thank Rose a million and one times for this free (yes, FREE!) pattern.  She states it's more or less her notes on the socks, but it is still wonderfully put together.  It's clear and straightforward and I found it pretty easy to follow. I see more of her socks in my drawer in the future! And there are definitely a lot to choose from!

Of course, after I finish these it's 70 degrees outside...

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