Norwegian Rose

12:30 PM

Norwegian Rose Socks from Wendy D. Johnson's book
My Ravelry project page

My third pair of finished socks for the year!  I originally started these socks in January 2012. I worked through one pattern repeat and stopped.  I honestly have no idea why.  Either way, I ripped the sock, wound up the yarn and started over. Planning to do two at a time, that was quickly nixed because I spent more time unwrapping yarn around itself then I did knitting.

I think this pattern is pretty well suited to beginning colorwork.  There's only two colors used.  There are a few long floats, but nothing too drastic.  I didn't really twist my colors, I just dropped what I wasn't working with and picked up what I was.  

I have a few spots on the foot, but it's on the sole, where I did the wrong row of the 2-row repeat resulting in a few stacked stitches.  No one would ever notice but me and I didn't even notice until rows later so they stayed. 

I went up a needle size from the pattern, it calls for 0s and 1s, I used size 2.  The sample in the book had 5 repeats of the rose pattern.  Once I rejoined after the heel I would try on the sock.  It started to get a little tight after the 4th repeat and was at my perfect length so I decided to stop.  After sleeping on it I went with the corrugated ribbing.  I'm not a huge fan of corrugated rib, but it was a 1x1, so I figured it wouldn't be so bad.  I also think the softness of the color helps too.

I'm really proud of these socks, I wish I had somewhere to go to show them off!  I love the colors and they look amazing after blocking.  Plus, I have enough yarn left over to probably reverse the colors and knit them again. But I won't.  I'll move on, I have plenty of stranded socks in my Rav queue.

And no knit photo shoot is complete without a Bug photobomb.  She must be able to smell the camera.

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